ConvertMe - Currency and Units Conversion Calculator 2.2.

ConvertMe - Currency and Units Conversion Calculator 2.2.



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Date Added:03 January, 2014

Author: Rodolfo Vasquez

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We believe that apps should be made with care, to look beautiful and be simple to use. We are passionate about it, we think of it as making art.

That's why we created ConvertMe, an elegant and smart, currency and units calculator. As time has passed, we have listened to our customers and have continued improving it so it becomes the best app of its kind.

And we will keep improving it, because "Art is never finished, only abandoned. " - Da Vinci.
Seeing is believing!

Checkout our website and watch our demo video.

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* Retina-display support for iPhone 4
* 15 Conversion categories
* 150 currencies (that is 85% of the currencies in the world!)
* More than 330 units of conversion
* Uses buy and sell exchange rates for currencies.
* Favorites for each category
* Built-in Calculator
* Exchange Rates updated automatically
* Ability to manually configure exchange
* Cut and Paste support
* Two screen colors

You will be surprised of the amount of features supported as gestures:
-Swipe up the keypad to open extended keys (like %, power, square root and fraction)
-Swipe-in the calculator screen to delete the last digit.
(instead of a delete key).
-Double tap on the calculator screen once, to clear its value. (same as the Clear key).
-Double tap on the calculator screen twice, will all-clear the calculator. (like a AC key)
-Tap and Hold the subtract key (-) will change calculator value to a negative value (if it was positive).
-Tap and Hold the add key (+) and will change the calculator value to a positive (if it was negative).
-To swap the conversion units, just swipe down the calculator screen.
-Turn the favorites knob to browse your favorite conversions.
-Tap the conversion title to pick a new conversion (Ater picking a new conversion, tap the favorite button to add it to your favorites).
-Double tap the favorites knob to view all your favorites.
-Swipe-in the conversion title to remove the conversion from your favorites.
-Shake the phone to manually update a specific currency exchange rate.

Conversion Categories:
- Currency (150 units)
- Distance (14 units)
- Area (11 units)
- Temperature (2 units)
- Volume (25 units)
- Mass (10 units)
- Fuel (3 units)
- Speed (9 units)
- Time (6 units)
- Force (5 units)
- Energy (5 units)
- Angle (3 units)
- Density (18 units)
- Typography (13 units)
- Pressure (21 units)
- Data (10 units)

For a complete list, please visit our website.

We love to hear about your experience with the app, if there is something we can do to improve your experience, please send us an email and we will do our best to include it in a future release.

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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